Harm Reduction

“People are telling me that my drug and alcohol use is a problem. I’m trying to figure out if they’re right.”

“I don’t know if the 12-step model is for me.”

“Is there really only one way to deal with a drug or alcohol issue?”

12-step meetings aren’t the only way.

Problems around the use of drugs or alcohol come in many forms, and each person’s path to health is different. My work around substance use focuses on you and your particular situation: how you personally experience the effects of drugs and alcohol in your life and your own sense of how that works or doesn’t work for you, rather than on external labels and absolutes. Total abstinence is one recovery model among many. Harm reduction recognizes and addresses that a person’s relationship to drugs and alcohol is often complex, and takes a non-judgmental approach to helping people reduce the negative impact of substance use, abuse or dependence in their lives.

Your path to a healthier relationship with drugs or alcohol doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. You can email or call me at 415/820-1590 for a FREE consultation.

Paul Silverman

Paul Silverman, MFT LPCC
San Francisco, CA


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