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Trauma / PTSD

  When we experience overwhelming fear or helplessness, sometimes these experiences stay with us. Are you familiar with

Substance Abuse And Harm Reduction

What’s Harm Reduction? Harm reduction recognizes that a person’s relationship to drugs and alcohol is often complex,

Couples Counseling

“We just don’t get along the way we used to.” “I don’t know if we want the same things.” “Something’s changed our

Grief And Loss

Rebuilding Your Life After Loss Grief can be a profound and overwhelming experience. If you come from a family that never

Internet Issues

“No one seems to understand that some of my deepest relationships are online.” “We’re having this conflict online, and I


When Anxiety Becomes A Problem We all have worries or feel nervous from time to time. But sometimes a high level of anxiety


Depression is real. But it’s not inevitable. Are you familiar with… Feeling sad nearly every day Feelings of hopelessness or

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Looking For Real, Lasting Change In Your Life? Are you trying to change patterns that have been getting in your way for a