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I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with over 20 years of experience working in mental health. I see clients in my private practice in San Francisco.


Your experience of therapy will be as practical and “user-friendly” as possible, so that you’re always clear about how we see the problem and how and why we’re making changes. We want to help you feel better as soon as possible, and stay that way.

If you’re struggling with a life transition or troubled by unhelpful patterns that keep cropping up, my specialty in cognitive behavioral therapy may be helpful for you. I also specialize in working with substance use issues in an alternative to the 12-step approach; couples counseling to help you and your partner communicate and resolve conflicts more effectively; treating trauma to keep painful experiences from your past from overwhelming you; and Internet/online issues so that your online interactions can be healthy and fulfilling.


I also offer online counseling if you might be better served by working together via text chat, videoconference or email.

My office is in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, and is easy to reach from just about anywhere in the Bay area.

Clinical Specialties

I offer various services to help you with anxiety and relationship counceling some of
featured services are listed below!


When we experience overwhelming fear or helplessness, sometimes these experiences stay with us. Are you familiar with any of


What’s Harm Reduction? Harm reduction recognizes that a person’s relationship to drugs and alcohol is often complex,


“We just don’t get along the way we used to.” “I don’t know if we want the same things.” “Something’s changed our


Rebuilding Your Life After Loss Grief can be a profound and overwhelming experience. If you come from a family that never


“No one seems to understand that some of my deepest relationships are online.” “We’re having this conflict online, and I


When Anxiety Becomes A Problem We all have worries or feel nervous from time to time. But sometimes a high level of anxiety

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I always try to provide best therapy or counceling to the patients according to their needs
The process makes them happy so they share wonderful reviews!

I loved working with Paul. He provided accurate reflections, helpful insights and fresh perspectives to understand challenges. He gave me the support to grow, by both encouraging me to identify and to achieve my goals, and providing strategies to help me cope. Paul is great at “doing what he says, and saying what he’ll do.” I’d highly recommend working with Paul.

Leora Lerba, AMFT

Paul Silverman is a solid clinician and trusted colleague, and he helps people become clearer with how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are impacting their well-being. He is a fierce advocate for personal growth, becoming clear about the direction of one’s life, and creating stable relationships. His sound clinical judgment has benefited me as a colleague, and I have no doubts about his ability to help some become the person that they want to be.

Dr. Jonathan Brady, Ph.D., LMFT

I have known Paul as a colleague since 2009, and in that time he has continually demonstrated his dedication to the field of psychotherapy, both in the high quality therapeutic services he provides and through his ongoing commitment to the education and supervision of pre-licensed clinicians. Paul is an ethical and talented therapist, and I refer clients to him with confidence.

Morgan Howson, LMFT

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