You can feel better.

We all need help from time to time, and as a licensed psychotherapist I’m here to help you make things better. If you’re having problems that are tough to solve all by yourself, I’m here to share what I know, to help you figure out how you got here, and to work with you to change things.

Your experience of therapy will be as practical and “user-friendly” as possible, so that you’re always clear about how we see the problem and how and why we’re making changes. We want to help you feel better as soon as possible, and stay that way.

I help people who are experiencing:

If you’re struggling with a life transition or troubled by unhelpful patterns that keep cropping up, my specialty in cognitive behavioral therapy may be helpful for you. I also specialize in working with substance use issues in an alternative to the 12-step approachcouples counseling to help you and your partner communicate and resolve conflicts more effectively; treating trauma to keep painful experiences from your past from overwhelming you; and Internet/online issues so that your online interactions can be healthy and fulfilling.

I also offer online counseling if you might be better served by working together via text chat, videoconference or email.

My office is in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, and is easy to reach from just about anywhere in the Bay area.

Email or call me at 415/820-1590 or for a FREE 20-minute consultation.

You don’t have to face your problems alone.

I’m looking forward to talking with you.



Paul Silverman

Paul Silverman, MFT LPCC
San Francisco, CA


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Email me or call 415/820-1590 for a free 20-minute consultation